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Jan 30, 2022

When ignorance is bliss: Driving Mannar's Birds Away

The Wildlife & Nature Protection Society (WNPS) is appalled to learn that so-called birdwatchers from
the Capital are visiting Mannar armed with drones, endangering the continued stay, and future
migration, to this unique place of these special, rare and beautiful species of birds. Most are migrants,
some flying in from thousands of miles away, to feed and breed in the hitherto haven of Mannar.
Flamingoes are the most noticeable, hundreds of them, straining the briny waters for the shrimp they
thrive on. However,  there are many more, and almost every year, new species are recorded here; a
wonder not just for local ornithologists, but those from overseas too, bringing with them much-needed
foreign exchange to this country.