Mar 06, 2021

Press Release - March 6, 2021

Press Release - March 6, 2021
March 6, 2021

Dahaiyagala Human Elephant conflict kills another villager due to the Government's reckless policy

We express our deep regret over loss of life of another villager by a wild elephant attack in the Deegalaara area in Rathambalagama, Dahaiyagala on 04.03.2021.

Many of the elephant's pastures and corridors have been lost in the area due to deforestation in the recent past following the “Gama Samaga Pliisadara” in Dahaiyagala. Despite the fact that this 2500-hectare area has been declared a protected area, it is being cleared against strong public opposition.

It is unfortunate that the relevant authorities do not take steps to prevent the destruction of wild elephant habitats knowing that the main reason for the raid of villages by elephants is the lack of adequate food and water caused by the relentless encroachment on their long-term pastures and elephant corridors. Further, the unscientific premise that stopping raiding of villages by elephants can only be achieved through uncoordinated implementation of fences and usage of explosives has exacerbated the devastation.

In view of above, the Coalition Against Ecocide urges the Government and all parties concerned to immediately stop the ongoing Ecocide and to establish scientific methods to resolve the Human Elephant Conflict instead of using fake temporary solutions.

Coalition Against Ecocide
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