Jan 17, 2021

WNPS lecture: Co-existing with leopards

WNPS lecture: Co-existing with leopards
With Sri Lanka coming out of the worst ever year for its big cats, with over 13 reported deliberate killings, it’s important to look at unique stories of harmony between man and the leopard and adapt possible best practices.

Leopards of Jawai is a story of the harmonious relationships shared by the leopards and the Rabari tribes of a pastoral region of just less than eight square miles. Jawai in the Aravalli hills between the tourist meccas of Udaipur and Jodhpur in India contains the largest concentration of leopards on the planet.The leopards’ conspicuous presence is due to a unique relationship with the Rabari, semi-nomadic cattle herders and shepherds.

The Wildlife and Nature Protection Society’s monthly lecture will focus on ‘Leopard Human Coexistence- Insights from Jawai India’. The lecture will be delivered by Shatrunjay Pratap Singh at 6 p.m., on January 21 via zoom and FB live.

Pratap, a wine-maker-turned-conservationist and wildlife cameraman co-authored the book Leopards & Shepherds of Jawai.

The WNPS public lecture is presented in association with Nations Trust Bank and open to all. Those interested could sign up on: https://forms.gle/WixytWxKKSWhQ3a8A

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