Aug 12, 2021

Winners of the Sri Lankan Elephant' Photography Competition

Winners of the Sri Lankan Elephant' Photography Competition
The WNPS Human-Elephant Coexistence Subcommittee’s 'For the Sri Lankan Elephant' Photography Competition was created to provide a platform to focus the camera lens and with it our attention, on this unique and majestic species we are fortunate to share our land with, whilst also drawing attention to the many challenges they face due to human-elephant conflict.

Thank you to all our participants for sending in such wonderful photographs of Sri Lanka’s elephants.

To celebrate World Elephant Day 2021, we are thrilled to announce the winners of the “For the Sri Lankan Elephant” Photography Competition.

The winners are:

Category 1: Open Category

Winner -Vanodhya Warnasooriya 


Runner-up - Mindaka Mahela 

Highly commended -J Jeyathees 

Highly commended -Mohammed Abidally 

Highly commended -Easa Lebbe Muhammad Jamsith 


Category 2: Human Elephant Conflict Catagory

Winner - Lushyanka Perera 

Runner-up - Punitha Satharasinnghe 

Highly commended - Punitha Satharasinnghe 


Category 3: Junior Category

Winner - Ravihara Jeewakarathne 

Runner-up - Mikal Knight-Kim 

Mikal Knight-Kim

Highly commended - Mikal Knight-Kim 


WNPS would like to thank our generous corporate sponsors, Spa Ceylon for partnering with us on this photography competition and for their support on social media.

Wildlife and Nature Protection Society’s (WNPS) Human Elephant Coexistence Subcommittee works exclusively on initiatives to ensure no more lives are lost to the Human Elephant Conflict by implementing reliable, secure, eco-friendly, and low-cost HEC mitigation methods, which create maximum deterrence from elephants, whilst ensuring the safety of wild elephants, people, and their properties.