Nov 19, 2019

In conversation with Saba Douglas-Hamilton

In conversation with Saba Douglas-Hamilton

This week, we sat down with award-winning wildlife filmmaker, conversationalist, and Elephant Watch Safaris, an eco-tourism business, Co-director Saba Douglas-Hamilton. Evidently, Saba has had exposure to all things wildlife.

Her experience has taken her around the world’s habitats and she has experienced the frontline of conservation first-hand. She worked for Save the Rhino Trust Namibia right after graduating college, running a community conservation project to protect the rare desert-adapted black rhino. Then she joined Save the Elephants in 2007 as its first Chief Operations Officer, helping to set up a research station in Samburu National Reserve that now monitors a population of over 900 elephants, and later served as a Trustee and Head of the Advisory Board.

She lectures extensively around the world to raise awareness about elephants, conservation, and the work of Save the Elephants, and this is how we had the pleasure of meeting with her as she spoke on elephant conservation as part of the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society (WNPS) lecture series.

Saba shared with us how currently, her focus has been their family-run Elephant Watch Camp in Samburu National Reserve, which is her family’s pioneering brand of conservation tourism that links local communities, deep ecology, and responsible tourism to forge a sustainable future for wildlife.