An hour with a legend – June Public Lecture featuring Dr Jane Goodall

Image credit Gane Goodall Institute Bill Wallauer

                                                                  Photo credit- Jane Goodall Institute - Bill Wallauer

WNPS members and non-members were treated to a memorable hour with one of the greats from the
global conservation community during the June WNPS Public Lecture.
Dr. Goodall is an ethologist and environmentalist and has received many awards and honorary degrees,
authored books for adults and children and featured in numerous documentaries and films.
She is a United Nations Messenger of Peace and the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute as well as the
Roots and Shoots program, which is active in over 65 countries, inspiring millions of young people
around the world and focusing on empowering young people to care for the world they inherit.
Over 5,000 viewers tuned into this once in a lifetime opportunity to listen to Dr Goodall, as she spoke
exclusively to the Sri Lankan community and answered many questions on what inspires her as an
environmentalist, what she hopes for the future and what she had to say to both children and adults, in
terms of our contribution to protecting the natural world.

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you.
What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Dr Goodall emphasized the power of collective individual actions and the need for sustainability in every
area of our lives. She encouraged us to draw from the indomitable human spirit, to never give up hope
and to continue doing our best to make this a better place for humans and animals.
During a time when humanity is facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions, whilst every country on
Earth is fighting the devastating effects of the Coronavirus, she reached into our hearts, to remind us
that we are all connected and that we need to show compassion towards the animals who share this
world with us.

Dr Goodall firmly believes that children are some of the best influencers and that it is so important to
mold young minds early in their lives, to care about the natural world. “You as an individual matter.
What you do matters!” – those were her words of empowerment to the youth. WNPS wholeheartedly
agrees and we aim to create Sri Lanka’s next generation of conservationists, through the many programs
we have focusing on youth and children such as Wild Kids, Youth Wing and Youth Ambassadors. We are
proud to announce that WNPS Youth Wing will also be launching the Sri Lankan chapter of Roots &
Shoots in the coming weeks.

Dr Goodall is proof that you do not need to be loud and aggressive to influence change, in her gentle
voice, she has persuaded people the world over, to start treating animals with respect, to understand
that we are all connected and that every decision we make and everything we do, has an impact on the
world around us… so it is up to us to make that change count.
WNPS is grateful for the support of our longstanding sponsors Partners, Nations Trust Bank for their
continued partnershipcollaboration in making the WNPS Monthly Lecture series a success.
If you would like to watch Dr Goodall’s lecture, please click here