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    WNPS District Representative's Program


WNPS Educational Nature Walk

Gannoruwa Forest Reserve

23rd January 2022

Organized by: Ms. Chathurika Senanayake - Kandy District Representative

· Resource Person: Mr. Pradeep Samarawickrama-Researcher & Conservationist

· No. of Participants: 10 participants


Gannoruwa Forest Reserve is one of the remaining remnant forest ecosystems in the Kandy district, found closer to the world-famous Royal Botanical Garden of Peradeniya. In addition to ecological value of this forest reserve, it bears historical and cultural importance being located in the area where the famous Gannoruwa battle has taken place victoriously defeating a Portuguese army led by Diogo de Melo de Castro by Sinhalese King’s army in 1638. Historical and biogeographical evidence support the fact that Gannoruwa forest had been connected to other remnant forests in the region, namely, Udawatta Kele, Hanthana Mountain Range, Waakarawaththa Forest, and Bahirawa Kanda Mountain forming a continuous range of forest.



7:00 – Introduction to the nature walk and safety advice by the resource person

8:30 – Breakfast

12:15 – Destination of the trail

3:00 – Finished the nature walk

3:15 – Tea & Snacks from the temple

3:30 – Lecture by the resource person about biodiversity of the Gannoruwa FR and its importance

4:00 – Introductory session to WNPS by Ashan

4:20 – End of the session