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    A dialogue with Media on Dealing with Wildlife


A dialogue with Media on Dealing with Wildlife

A media workshop organized by the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka, Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC), and the Sri Lanka Press Institute (SLPI) happened on 09 November at Jetwing Hotel, Colombo 07. The workshop provided insights into ethical reporting of human-wildlife conflicts that represents a better balance of the respective struggles of man and wild alike. It was a productive day which was well received by over 80 environmental Journalists from all the leading media houses in Sri Lanka. Our appreciation to the professional resource team for sharing their wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

A group activity with active participation from Conservation experts, resulted in presentation on the difficulties faced when reporting such news. 

With participation from the experts in the conservation field, a group activities was done where media folks ultimately presented the difficulties they faced when reporting such news. A list of issues and responsible parties and alternative solutions was created and that will be handed over to the DWC for necessary action. Our thanks to the Nations Trust Bank and Jetwing Colombo 7 for their support. 

Voice cuts from the event - (20+) Watch | Facebook