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    PLANT (Preserving Land and Nature) is gathering great momentum


PLANT (Preserving Land and Nature) is gathering great momentum. 

In late 2020, the WNPS established a Guarantee Not-for-Profit company, to acquire privately owned lands (outright or on a long-term lease) and to collect funds through the entity, and the WNPS, to purchase lands for the purpose of being held in trust for conservation. The initiative has made great progress so far and PLANT coverage by September include over 200 Acres in diverse locations.

Under PLANT, the Emerald Trails Initiative is an ambitious plan of creating an almost uninterrupted corridor of protected Natural spaces and Forest ecosystems to ensure continued movement and linkage for Animals with different larger geographies of Conserved Land blocks in Sri Lanka. PLANT hopes to bring several new lands and engage new Partners along this journey in the near future. A strong Regional structure is now in place and the teams are hard at work on many aspects.

Most recently, PLANT signed a multi-year Partnership MOU with the Climate and Conservation Consortium (CCC), with the objective of engaging their support to obtain specialist inputs in climate and conservation areas, which come due to the broad experience that CCC possess though a team of several in-house specialists, and partners who are sustainability consultants and industry experts. They will also act as an Ambassador for PLANT by presenting the work being done by PLANT to third parties, and channeling efforts of international and local partners who seek credible sustainability initiatives to fund and endorse.  The CCC Board is Chaired by eminent conservationists and Nobel Laureate Prof. Mohan Munasinghe, and the picture shows CCC Director/Chief Executive Officer Sanith de Silva Wijeyeratne exchanging the agreement with PLANT Director Shevon Gooneratne recently, with Directors Dilshan and Sriyan in attendance.  Watch out for more exciting news from PLANT in the coming months.