Science For Conservation Subcommittee Update

The “Science for Conservation” Subcommittee  which was recently established, will be utilized for WNPS’ science-based projects moving forward. Dr. Chathurangi Wickremaratne who is a leading environmental scientist in the country has been appointed chair of the Subcommittee, along with several committee members representing science and administrative areas. This new Subcommittee will work closely with other Subcommittees specially HEC, Marine and Legal. The Conservation for Science Subcommittee has already applied for several grant options which were available for HEC and Marine conservation. The team is currently working on developing scientific evidence to support some of the Society’s litigation activities 

 The team is also assisting in the Citizen Science Project initiated to study the impacts of the MV X- press Pearl naval disaster as well as helping with applying for funding for a Pangolin Conservation Project, which is a joint project in collaboration with The University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

Recently an introductory tutorial to Google Earth was conducted for the committee members by Thilina Nandika Munasinghe, who is a graduate of Ocean University. The main objective was to build capacity for future scientists in the Subcommittee. 

The Science for Conservation Subcommittee has many more exciting projects in the pipeline so stay tuned for more!