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    Dr. Tempe Adams’s Visit


Dr. Tempe Adams’s Visit

Dr. Tempe Adams from Elephants without Borders in Botswana was in Sri Lanka for a week to deliver a guest lecture on “Living with the world’s largest elephant population” and to exchange experiences and understand how the Sri Lankan government and other conservation parties’ hand human elephant conflicts here. Both WNPS and EWB are experimenting a light repel system (LRS) and in Bostwana it is called EleSenses.  Remarkably, both farming communities in the different parts of the world have so much in common. WNPS is experimenting with the LRS in 21 locations in 9 districts around the country over the past few years. This experimental study is showing high efficacy to mitigate HEC conflicts.

Dr. Tempe visited our LRS sites and talked with farmers about HEC issues in Sri Lanka and the efficacy of the LRS etc. She also visited the Udawalawe National Park and the Elephant transit Home in Udawalwe (ETH) to see how wild animals are treated and released back to the wild. In addition, there was an open discussion with young researchers to expose them to this conservationist and it was a fruitful event for all youngsters and for the WNPS staff.  Her visit was sponsored by Dilma Teas, and we thank them for their continued support towards conservation. 

A key reason to connect and bring down Dr. Adams is to share experiences we each have as organizations and to understand more on the work Elephant Without Borders do in the world’s most populated elephant location.