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    Exciting news from the Wild kids!


Exciting news from the  Wild kids!

The year 2023 got off to a great start with the "How to Be a Scientist" workshop in Diyasaru Park. It was lovely to see over 65 kids using magnifying glasses and exploring the natural surroundings and making field notes. The initiative was run by the well-known educator, writer, researcher and naturalist, Nethu Wickramasinghe, and her colleagues, giving children real-world experience in doing scientific observation. 

As part of International Whale Day celebrations, dedicated youthful marine activist Aindri Morahela gave an online lecture about whales to the members. There were around 150 kids who actively participated in this event in a very interactive manner

In 2023, lots of fresh, exciting programs and creative projects are planned for Wild Kids members. Stay tuned for more exciting news and do encourage your family and friends to have their kids join in and be exposed to nature at an early stage!