Creative Waste Management Ideas for Youngsters by Wild Kids

Household waste is one of the biggest environmental and social issues in Sri Lanka and every one of us contributes to this problem. The more conscientious amongst us find ways to compost our biodegradable waste and minimize the non-biodegradable waste, as much as possible. In an idyllic world, we would not produce any non-biodegradable waste and would be living in a circular economy, where single-use items are almost non-existent in our households… but that day is a long way away for us Sri Lankans!

The ‘waste-LESS’ mindset is one born from education and awareness.. you’ve got to understand the problem, to really care about it. WNPS Wild Kids are helping youngsters learn about the issues of waste-management at a young age, through the ‘Upcycling Competition’; aimed at promoting upcycling and recycling ideas amongst children aged 5 – 8 and 9 – 12. The main goals of the competition were to encourage young children to reduce waste and teach them the value of recycling and upcycling. The mission of Wild Kids is to culture a sense of responsibility for our environment by creating opportunities for youngsters to think outside the box, whilst applying their creativity to solve real world problems.

The designs were judged along the areas of creativity, long-term use of upcycled product, environmental benefit. The winners received cash prizes, a Tikiri Savings account courtesy of our main sponsors, watches, bags, mugs, toys, and other goodies