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    FUTURE OF HARMONY One world for both humans and nature


Our Priorities

Sri Lanka is among the world’s 34 biodiversity hotspots. It is also among the 10 most countries affected by climate change. Extreme weather events including droughts and floods, intensify competition for resources, increased human activities threaten the survival of many species and fast disappearing natural habitats continue to lead devasting consequences in our natural environment. Our work, together with you, is about changing this equation. 

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  • Conservation

    Conservation is more than just a buzz word. With close to 1 million species at risk of extinction because of human activities, our conservation efforts are about the survival of ecosystems and also that of us, humans.

  • Advocacy & Outreach

    Conversations change minds - it creates spaces for education, for discussions, it inspires action. Through advocacy and outreach, we hope to influence such conversations across Sri Lanka, among all Sri Lankans.

  • Legal & Policy

    Creating long-lasting solutions requires strengthening, changing, and creating legal and policy frameworks. This ensures responsible development, natural resource management and accountability.