• Wild Kids

    Wild Kids Fostering a love of nature in the youngest members of our society


Wild Kids

The Wild Kids Subcommittee of the WNPS was launched in mid 2020 with the intention of fostering a love of nature in the youngest members of our society. An appreciation for the environment and a desire to protect it must become a priority, if the future generations are to inherit a habitable planet. Wild Kids organises educational events and programmes for kids aged 4 - 12, that explore a range of conservation based themes. Due to the prevailing situation in the country, including the closure of schools, programmes have been shifted temporarily to an online platform that allows kids to continue learning and creating a positive impact on the environment. 

Wetland/Nature Walks

The Wetland/Nature Walk, which was recently brought under the purview of the Wild Kids Subcommittee, has been a highly anticipated event on the WNPS calendar for many years. Mainly held during the school holidays to allow maximum participation, each event accommodates up to one hundred of the Society's existing and prospective Junior Members. Small groups of kids are taken on a guided walk by members of the Young Zoologists' Association of Sri Lanka, who educate them on the flora and fauna in the area. Following the Walk the children are treated to light refreshments, while engaging in a discussion with a local expert about their experience. The Walks have been temporarily halted until the country returns to normalcy.

Nature Nurturer

The Nature Nurturer Programme was launched online via social media and emailers to encourage kids to plant a seed of their choice and monitor its progress for six months. The initiative aimed to get kids excited about growing plants and protecting their environment. The participants send in photos of their growing plants each month, the photos are shared to the WNPS's Social Media platforms to give other kids a positive example to follow.

Craft Class

Craft classes are another online initiative by the Wild Kids Subcommittee, this time focusing on creating a useful item out of waste products. A reputed art teacher will guide the kids in making a unique product via Zoom. Kids aged 4-8 are encouraged to gather the required items beforehand and show off their creativity during the session. The craft classes will push youngsters to think consciously about waste and how we manage it in our homes, an issue that is pertinent to the times.

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