HEC - LRS Update

The first quarter of 2022 has been a busy period for the HEC team working on the rollout of the light repel system (LRS). New sites were setup in Wilachchiya (2) and Thammannama as well as our first site in the eastern province at Chenkaladi. The data gathering portion of the study has now commenced at these new sites as well.


Data gathered so far continues to be positive with the number of break-ins reducing significantly when the LRS is powered on and operating as it should. The figures have been compared with the results gathered from control sites in the area. Encouragingly, elephants have been seen at our locations through most of this period and have stayed outside the properties that are protected by the LRS.


Our challenge continues to be the very people whose properties and livelihoods we are trying to protect. Despite the LRS showing encouraging results, it is a challenge to get the farmers to be proactive in maintaining the system. We are trying to improve this by keeping them engaged via constant contact. Each site is visited at least once a month and the team is in contact with each site twice a week via telephone. The Galgamuwa site is still the best maintained and results that we have seen are a testament to the maintenance work carried out by the farmer.


We are currently in the process of preparing to install the LRS at new sites in the Bibile area. The price of the individual components has increased due to the current exchange rates but we are trying to tweak the system to make it more efficient from a price and power consumption perspective. 


We are also offering interested sponsors the opportunity to send their teams out in the field to actually work with the team and setup the LRS at a site. This will give us the opportunity to educate your team on the human elephant conflict and give them some hands on experience in the fight to mitigate it. If this is something you would be interested in taking up, please contact us via [email protected]