ROAR Project Update

Restoration of the lost ecosystem at Diyakothakanda which commenced in 2016 continues in its 5th year.

Limited rainfall earlier in the year proved fatal to some of the recently planted saplings. This being the case, the growth of pioneer plants in Zone A shows improvement and improvement has been detected in the soil condition particularly in this zone.

Removal of kekilla regrowth, which erodes soil fertility continues in all 3 zones (Zone A, Zone B and Zone C). New saplings will be planted in certain parts of zone B while zone C shows stunted growth in plants resulting from very poor soil conditions and harsh environmental conditions that the area is exposed to.

Field visits on 9th and 10th of April with Prof. Nimal Gunetilleke and Dr. Suranjan Fernando focusing on phase 3 of the project were successful and a proposed strategy is to be implemented in the coming months.