• Wilpattu Road

    ROAD TO SAFETY A battle that must be won


Wilpattu Road Case (SCFR 224/2010)

Built for military purposes during the war, there have been two roads constructed within the Wilpattu National Park when it ceased to function as a national park and was instead a battleground. After the war, there were significant attempts to convert these two roads into commercial roads to manage traffic between Puttalam and Mannar. WNPS petitioned in objection to this illegal construction within national park boundaries and is currently involved in on-going court proceedings.

August 2021 Update

WNPS with EFL and WPAF- Petitioners The case was filed against the construction of two roads within the Wilpattu National Park. 

The two roads were not in existence when the WNP was initially Gazetted between 1938- 1973. It appeared these roads were created for military purposes during the war period. Now it’s been developed to constitute two commercial roads.

Next date- 14.09.2021 for Argument

Further reading: https://efl.lk/portfolio/illegal-road-through-wilpattu-national-park/

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