• August Monthly Lecture


    Wildlife & Nature Protection Society Public Lecture by Ami Vitale
    9th August, 2020

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  • Vote for Environmentally Friendly Candidates

    Vote to save the Environment

    Let's Vote for Candidates who stands for the protection of the environment and for Conservation

  • Forest Patches

    Objection to the Proposed Cabinet Note to Cancel Circular 05/2001

    Letter to the Secretary of the Ministry

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  • Black Tiger

    Kill, Snare and Still Not Care?

    WNPS declares May 29th Sri Lanka Leopard day.

  • Loris Publication

    The latest issue of Loris as an e-publication

    First published in November 1936 Loris is now in its 84th year and has been enjoyed by WNPS members and others interested in conservation around the world.

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  • Reforestation

    Reforestation of a Rainforest

    A sustainable model for Sri Lanka on reforestation of a rainforest using a mixture of early and late successional species with a strong representation of native and naturalised species.

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  • 125th Anniversary

    125th Anniversary: Celebrating a Milestone

    Guardians of Mother Nature, Sri Lanka's 'Wildlife and Nature Protection Society' celebrates 125 years of playing a lead role in conservation battles and projects.

  • Annual Report

    Annual Report 2019

    Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Srilanka (Ceylon)
    Annual Report and Accounts 2019

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TheWildlife & Nature Protection Society

The history of wildlife protection in Sri Lanka is almost synonymous with that of the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka. At 126 years old, the WNPS is the third oldest Non-governmental Organization of its kind in the World and was responsible for the setting up of Wilpattu & Yala National Parks in Sri Lanka, and for the formation of the Department of Wildlife Conservation.

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  • Conservation



    Wildlife conservation is the practice of protecting wild animal and plant species and their habitats. Conservation of Wildlife is important because wildlife plays an important role in balancing the ecosystem, thereby providing ecosystem services that are essential for human survival.

  • Advocacy & Outreach

    Advocacy & Outreach

    Advocacy & Outreach

    The Conservation Crisis will not be healed through more Conflict and Court Cases. True healing and enlightened Conservation efforts can only come through deep Understanding and Appreciation. This is why a lot of the work WNPS does at our core, focuses on Advocacy through good Outreach. Enabling wider groups, and specialized smaller communities to be better informed, is the starting point for the long journey ahead.

  • Legal & Policy

    Legal & Policy

    Legal & Policy

    With all the current constraints we all have to endure in our country, the Society will continue to uphold the law on any conservation or illegal encroachment matter and will take legal recourse if the need arises.


Featured Stories

  • 06 Jul 2020

    Objection to the Proposed Cabinet Note to Cancel Circular 05/2001

    Protecting these forest patches are key ensuring that Circular 05/2001 is maintained as is very important for the future of our environment.

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  • 28 Jun 2020

    Unique Vidattaltivu Under Threat

    Serious concerns are being expressed by environmentalists over moves to revive a proposed large-scale aquaculture project, after de-gazetting..

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  • 18 Jun 2020

    Biodiversity and climate change: WNPS lecture online

    ‘Biodiversity, Climate Change and Land Degradation: what is happening, why should we care, and how should we respond’...

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  • 08 Jun 2020

    World Oceans Day 8th of June 2020

    As the challenges to the ocean continue to grow, so does the need for novel solutions and the people driving them. The oceans are not only the lungs of our planet providing....

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  • 29 May 2020


    WNPS calls for change in attitude towards enforcement and the 29th of all May to be declared annual Sri Lanka Leopard day, in memory of the snared black leopard that died in captivity.

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  • 28 May 2020

    Beach nourishment: Was an Environmental Impact Assessment done or not?

    Beach nourishment north of the Mount Lavinia Hotel is difficult to understand as there has been no observed erosion in this section

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