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Office Bearers - 2020 / 2021

“WNPS should never become the domain of a few people for long durations. Rotation and vacation of General Committee roles should be expected after several years, where we nurture new members and youthful thinking. Members could continue to support through engagement in the Sub Committees”

General Committee

  • Sriyan De Silva

    Mr. Sriyan de Silva Wijeyeratne


    yearns for travel and the great outdoors. He enjoys photography and music and is passionate about Sri Lanka. He is the Chairman of the ETF Board, and MD of Hemas Manufacturing. He has several academic and business awards to his credit and is a frequent speaker at leading forums locally and globally. He is involved in chambers and in local and global charities.

  • Tami Flamer-Caldera

    Ms. Tami Flamer-Caldera

    Vice President

    My Dad and Mom were avid wildlife people. They took me to the jungles from the age of 6 months. Dad was primarily a bird man, but taught us everything about the animal kingdom, plants and jungle craft. That knowledge and love has stayed with me my whole life. He urged me to join the WNPS as far back as early 80s.

  • Spencer Manuelpillai

    Mr. Spencer Manuelpillai

    Vice President

    his passion for Wildlife Conservation is driven by his extensive travel around the country from a very young age. With communication background with Ogilvy and Dilmah he has been reenergizing WNPS brand communication with effective PR and events in the last 4 years, as its immediate past General Secretary.

  • Jehan Canagaretna

    Mr. Jehan Canagaretna

    General Secretary

    brings over 30 years of general management expertise with a strong emphasis on marketing and business development. Described as energetic, focused and driven adopting a common sense approach, Jehan has built strong business relationships and contacts locally as well as internationally. Jehan’s key passion now is wildlife conservation, he currently serves as the General Secretary.

  • Dilshan Hettiaratchi

    Mr. Dilshan Hettiaratchi


    is the Treasurer of the Society.  He is professionally qualified as an Accountant and have worked in the Banking in Finance sector for over 25 years.  He is also an avid wildlife enthusiast and spends as much time as possible in the wildlife parks around the country.

General Committee Members

  • Zaineb Akbarally

    Ms. Zaineb Akbarally

    is an environmental scientist, conservationist and educator and chairperson of the WNPS Youth Wing sub-committee that invests in engaging young people on environmental issues. She currently works at the Environmental Foundation Limited and previously worked with Save the Elephants on the human-elephant co-existence initiative  "The Elephants and Bees project" in Kenya and Sri Lanka.

  • Rahula Dassenaieke

    Mr. Rahula Dassenaieke

    A true lover of environment having a passion for nature photography.  Rahula has served in the GC since 2012 been one of the Vice Presidents for two terms. A former President of the Burgher Recreation Club owns and runs his Trading, Hospitality and Tourism Company ‘Starron’ as its current CEO.

  • Dr Nirmali

    Dr. Nirmali de Silva

    has been a lover of nature and the environment from childhood. Bird watching has been a passion. Comes from an academic background in Textiles that is very remote from Wildlife. Has been a major influence among University students to promote the need for conservation.

  • Lakdas Fernando

    Mr. Lakdas D. Fernando

    Past President, Emeritus Professor University of Moratuwa. During his tenure as president he introduced a number of progressive changes to the WNPS Constitution to reflect the importance of gender and youth in the composition of the General Committee. Chair of Diyakothakanda Reforestation and Green Isle project, habitat enrichment for species conservation, Bellanwila Attidiya Sanctuary. He is a keen birder and a lover of forests.

  • Avijja Fonseka

    Mr. Avijja Fonseka

    Avijja Fonseka’s passion for wildlife was established at an early age. Completed a bachelor’s degree in Biodiversity and Conservation from the Macquarie University in Australia. He has worked on conservation projects in Africa, learning the art of tracking big cats on foot and also has been involved in leopard identification work carried out in Sri Lanka with the Wilderness and Wildlife Trust.

  • Rukshan Jayewardene

    Mr. Rukshan Jayewardene

    A founding trustee at the Leopard Trust; Chairman of the Wilderness and Protected Areas Foundation, Director at the Environmental Foundation Limited ( EFL) and past President of the WNPS. A lifelong passion for Wildlife; Interested in evolution, adaptive radiation of species, the long-term conservation of leopards and all biodiversity related issues. A wildlife photographer who believes the role of photography in conservation is best served by adhering to standards and ethics.

  • Chanaka Kulatunga

    Mr. Chanaka Kulatunga

    Mr.Chanaka Kulatunga is an Admin and HR professional, currently working in a family run Printing Company as a Director. Chanaka has been a wildlife enthusiast since his kindergarten days and has walked all corners of the land with his dad. Chanaka’ s key strength is working with government officials, ministries and specifically Divisional Secretariats.

  • Graham Marshall

    Mr. Graham Marshall

    Mr.Graham Marshall runs his own brand consultancy. He is a Graduate of the institute of Chemistry Sri Lanka, an MBA from PIM, Member of CIM(UK), CMA (Aus.). He Chairs the Marine subcommittee and enthusiastic about being able to contribute to the conservation efforts of marine biodiversity and its ecosystems.

  • Devika Wijesinghe

    Ms. Devika Wijesinghe Rohana

    She is a banking professional and has switched professions to work in the leisure and hospitality industry. Devika is passionate about the environment and believes in fighting the good fight for the cause of conservation. Devika is currently on the Green Isle Sub-Committee and has been serving on WNPS subcommittees over a year.

  • Dr Sampath Seneviratne

    Dr. Sampath S. Seneviratne

    Dr. Sampath S. Seneviratne is a research scientist specializes in the study of evolution, molecular biogeography, and ornithology. Sampath is a birder, a naturalist, a conservationist and a public educator. He is the current President of the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka (FOGSL) and Sri Lanka Ecological Association (SLEA). Senior Lecturer attached to the Department of Zoology and Environment Sciences, University of Colombo.

  • Caryll Tozer

    Ms. Caryll Tozer

    An ardent wildlife enthusiast and continues to work on environment and wildlife conservation. Worked in managerial positions in media and communication. Caryll Tozer now works to better social problems or by helping to build homes for women and building wells for villages. National athlete in Sri Lanka. Received an award from the International Olympic Committee for work in gender equality in sport.

  • Dev Wijewardane

    Mr. Dev Wijewardane

    Dev Wijewardane is an IT professional with over 15 years’ experience in the industry. He currently works for Versent, an IT consultancy. He has had a passion for wildlife and conservation from a very young age and is a self-taught amateur wildlife photographer. Dev has a deep love for Sri Lanka and takes every opportunity to travel off the beaten track and explore the hidden corners of the island.