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Member Services 

Keeping members engaged and active whilst encouraging new members to join, the society ensures that its calendar is full and interesting throughout the year. Providing a range of services, some which are freely open to the public as well, the society is gaining reputation among the masses whilst enabling member activations towards environmental conservation.

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With the objective of providing good quality, sustainable and affordable accommodation to members and non-members, whilst earning an income for the society, WNPS operates three holiday bungalows in Yala, Wilpattu and Udawalawe. These bungalows are conveniently located close to the entrances of the national parks and provide clean accommodation, friendly hospitality, wholesome meals and most importantly, a specialised tracker for each occupying group. While members are given special rates to encourage patronage, non-members are also increasingly embracing the bungalows.

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  • Yala

    Palatupana (Yala) 

    Located in between the beautiful Palatupana Maha Lewaya and the ocean, the Palatupana bungalow is a beautiful holiday home with an open air dormitory, good food and hospitality. Although challenged with increased competition from new hotels and bungalows in the area, this is a favoured spot among members and non-members alike.

  • Uda Walawe

    Uda Walawe 

    Managed by a new Management Agent since last February, this bungalow is situated in a prime location and is in top condition after having gone through major renovations.

  • Wilpattu


    Contracted to a Management Agent who is also a member of the society, the Wilpattu bungalow is highly commended for its food quality, cleanliness and surrounding beauty. 

WNPS Monthly Lecture

Monthly Lectures

Attracting increasing crowds, comprising members, non-members and key conservationists, the WNPS monthly lecture series is an educational and networking event held at the Jasmine Hall of the BMICH. Continuously and exclusively sponsored by Nations Trust Bank and supported by Dilmah Tea in terms of refreshments, the lecture series is made possible thanks to a passionate team who ensures speaker arrangements, communication material and video coverage.

The monthly lecture series has witnessed some imminent speakers, lecturers, conservationists and thought leaders, both Sri Lankan and foreign, who have created awareness, passion and follow up action to address and mitigate issues challenging wildlife and nature.

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Workshops organized by WNPS to bring important discussion topic to stage.

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Marine Chats

Marine Chats

Interesting discussions about Marine life organized by WNPS.

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Field Trips

Field Trip

Organised regularly to be enjoyed by members, the WNPS field trips are both educational and entertaining, and participation is limited to ensure quality. While each programme is assisted by a subject expert, the trips cover all of Sri Lanka focussing on interesting and insightful locations. With a pre-designed calendar packed with exciting trips, members are given an array of attractive choices all year round. 

Member Gathering

Members Gathering

To encourage members to socialize, network and develop good relationships, the society hosts several member gatherings to provide entertainment and educational experiences, whilst developing an open platform to share ideas. 

Wetland walk


Targeted at junior members who are passionate about the environment, the wetland walks organised by WNPS are sponsored by Nations Trust Bank. Having held several walks with increasing participation and enthusiasm by the children, the society is working towards expanding the walks to Kandy and Galle.