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    Green Isle Subcommittee Update


Green Isle

In January a floral audit was conducted by a team led by Dr. Iroja Kaldera from the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Colombo. Plant species on the site were identified and growth measurement of previously planted saplings were recorded to be catalogued for comparison.

In celebration of the world wetlands’ day a site cleanup was carried out on the 12th of February with the aid of the Young Zoologists Association, Ranger’s Office of Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC), Members of the Youth wing of the WNPS, students of the University of Sabaragamuwa and members of the Animal Rehabilitation Center of the DWC. We are grateful to CleanTech of Abans for removal of the collected plastic, glass and other materials.

Water quality plays a huge role in the quality of riparian vegetation and aquatic life. The month of March was mostly dedicated for testing water quality of the canal and experimental planting of mangrove palm. Programme of young enthusiastic scouts of Nalanda College, Colombo planted Etamba, Atha, Heraliya, Jambu, Gadu Guda, Rambutan etc.

The routine tree planting was on hold for a few months and recommenced after the rains In May. Forty-nine types of plant species including Jack, Kiripalu, Anoda (Sour Sap), Uguressa, Dam, Madatiya were planted during this month. Sixty-nine species of saplings were added to the nursery and will be cared for until they reach more than 2ft in height, to make it healthy and suitable to be introduced to the ground.

Slowly but surely, the invasive species are being replaced with native vegetation.