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The society’s two renowned publications – Loris and Warana/Vaaranam contain information on flora, fauna, environmental issues and conflicts, and other related topics which are used as engaging platforms to spread awareness, raise funds and connect members. Filled with insightful articles from contributors across the country, the magazines are sent to subscribers with complimentary copies shared with selected school libraries.

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  • WNPS - Publications

    One constant, throughout the last 84 years, has been the publication of Loris. A tradition continuing vehemently since its first issue in 1936, this magazine provides updates on the activities of WNPS and the status of conservation in Sri Lanka.

  • WNPS - Publications

    A mixture of science, observation, prose and poetry has disseminated the message of conservation in articles from the purely technical to those that are deliciously anecdotal, from the scientifically analytical to passionate expressions of love for the wilderness and its creatures.