• Galgamuwa Tusker

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Galgamuwa Tusker

The killing of any wild elephant, especially of a tusker, a National treasure, should be declared a crime against the State, and the punishment meted out should fit the crime. The Galgamuwa Crossed Tusker was not a victim of the Human – Elephant Conflict (HEC) but was targeted solely for his tusks. Legislation should be introduced that adequately reflects the gravity of this offence and justice meted out accordingly. In addition, those who commit such dastardly acts should be treated with social contempt befitting traitors of the state.

August 2021 Update

Case related to the killing of Dala Puttuwa in November 2017. The CID has been instructed to conduct DNA tests with Genetech Institute. CID has not yet submitted the full investigation report to the Attorney General to file indictment/charges in court.

Currently pending for Attorney General’s advice.

Further reading - http://dailynews.lk/2017/11/30/local/136050/galgamuwa-tusker%E2%80%99s-carcass-found?page=5

Death of an Icon of Sri Lankan Conservation

  • Galgamuwa Tusker
  • Galgamuwa Tusker