Dec 04, 2020

A Leopard Rescued

A Leopard Rescued
Well done to the DWC officials who were in involved in the rescue and release of the Leopard that was caught in an illegal snare at Aranayake. Snares continue to be a huge threat to wildlife. Not just leopards, even other endangered animals such as elephants are at risk as well as other smaller mammals.

In this instance, thanks to the timely action of the DWC, this leopard’s life was saved.  According to the DWC the leopard was a good specimem weighing around 51kg. They used a new model of light-weight aluminium cage in this release, which we were told was much easier to handle and carry, as the cage is not as heavy as conventional cages they have been using in the past.

WNPS is gifting 2 more similar cages to DWC to support similar wildlife rescues early next week through membership donations and the Ravi Samarasinghe Trust.

Photo credit: Department of Wildlife and Conservation's Facebook page.