WNPS Abans LG restores an important wetland bird sanctuary in Suburban Colombo

A project to enrich the totally degraded habitat in the Bellanwila-Attidiya Sanctuary commenced in June 2019 initiated by the WNPS, sponsored by Abans Plc & LG. The project is carried out on a 40 acre island that was mainly covered with Invasive Alien Species(IAS) where a scientific replacement activity is ongoing. The Invasive species are gradually removed and thinned and replaced with suitable indigenous flora that will attract the faunal species that was a part of the Sanctuary. The site also has two ponds created. The nature trail and pathway has been cleared and native species of plants have been established. There is continuous clearing of the nature trail, de-siltation of the canals and planting of tree species to enrich the habitat of the project site.

We encourage school children, nature lovers and researchers to visit the site and to be involved in the tree planting and other scientific activities. It is expected that planting of the indigenous species that will restore the original assemblage which supported a healthy habitat for faunal species with special reference to wetland avifauna.

The restoration programme is managed by the WNPS on behalf of the Department of Wildlife Conservation and is sponsored by Abans plc