Jun 08, 2020

World Oceans Day 8th of June 2020

World Oceans Day 8<sup>th</sup> of June 2020

Take the pledge on behalf of our Oceans!

As the challenges to the ocean continue to grow, so does the need for novel solutions and the people driving them. The oceans are not only the lungs of our planet providing most of the oxygen we breathe but also a source of food and natural resources for many and play a major role in climate and weather patterns making conserving their purity and the diversity of species living in them of utmost importance.

Theme: #PledgeForOurOceans

The pledge for our oceans initiative by the Marine Team of Wildlife and Nature Protection Society (WNPS), invites all our citizens to come together to make a pledge and share it on their social media platforms while using their voice as a vessel to create a greater impact while encouraging more people to take part in it and in return supporting this positive movement of change which is nothing but essential for the wellbeing of not only our oceans but our planet as a whole. As the saying goes, little things go a long way, this little thing that people take for granted has now become a threat and if we do not act now atleast, what is to come will be inevitable.

Following the pledge we also have marine experts, educators and ocean enthusiasts talking about the importance of these pledges broadcasted on our Facebook and Instagram pages and our website. Follow our social media pages for more updates and continue to stay tuned to our platforms to educate yourself more about what we do, how we could take action towards conserving the planet starting from our very own paradise island.

The WNPS motive behind this initiative is to set the stage for a positive movement, to allow citizens to have a global overview of what is happening and where, and also to develop links and relations with other local or thematic ocean related organizations, share ideas and contacts with them and also perpetuate this relation by making this day a yearly meeting. It could create a long-lasting dynamic.

The battle against plastic pollution

Our paradise island is blessed with a very large area of the ocean falling under her territory, and we as a nation reap enormous amounts of benefits from the ocean. However, do we do enough to safe guard what we are blessed with? Today the beach and the ocean we see around us has almost become the garbage dump of the country.Large amounts of plastic and other waste are dumped into our seas annually. Plastic will soon outweigh the life in the oceans and all of these will lead to choking our planet due to our ignorance and own agendas powered by greed and selfishness.

The impact of plastic in the ocean and its degradation into microplastics is raising significant threats. Alongside climate change and loss of biodiversity, marine litter and plastic pollution are now considered as some of the greatest environmental concerns of our time. Marine litter is a threat not only to wildlife and ecosystems, but also to human health and livelihoods. Toxic substances leaching from litter can build up in organisms or pass from one organism to another through the food chain.

Call to action

Today, on this World Oceans Day, the 8 th of June 2020, we urge the people to celebrate and honour our oceans which connects us all. Get together with your family and loved ones and pledge for our oceans and then share your pledge on social media and tag the @WNPS so that we can get more people to be a part of this movement. #PledgeForOurOceans

How you can support this day

Your support would mean a lot to us not only for this day but the time ahead as it would influence our citizens not only to make wise choices but also to be more conscious about caring for our planet. All you have to do is: Take a Pledge post a video of how you think we could save our oceans and tag the @WNPS. Most importantly, take the pledge on behalf of our Oceans!