Mar 21, 2022

Seylan Tikiri supports ‘Wild Kids’ Signs partnership with WNPS as Banking Partner

Seylan Tikiri supports ‘Wild Kids’ Signs partnership with WNPS as Banking Partner

Seylan Bank has announced its partnership with the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society (WNPS) as official banking partner to support the ‘Wild Kids’ initiative; brought forward with the objective of forming an interest in the environment and highlighting the importance of conservation among children through education and fun-filled activities.

‘Wild Kids’ will conduct nature conservation related educational engagement through physical and virtual workshops, virtual nature walks, field trips as well as photography, re-cycling and eco-friendly projects. The aim is to encourage the present-day children, who are creative and innovative, to channel their skills towards safeguarding nature.

Seylan Bank is committed to go beyond only providing financial solutions and continuously steps in to encourage their customers in exploring their potential and supporting them in their journey to achieve their goals. This agenda extends to Seylan Tikiri where Tikiri Kids are encouraged to identify and develop their skills. Through the partnership with WNPS, Seylan Tikiri invites children to join this initiative in order to promote knowledge sharing and as a means to unlock the potential of their imagination.

Expressing his views on the partnership, Gamika De Silva, Assistant General Manager - Marketing and Sales, Seylan Bank said; “Seylan Tikiri partnered with WNPS previously for project ‘Upcycling’, which successfully reached a very affluential niche in the market and received positive response. Following this, we are pleased to partner with ‘Wild Kids’ as a continuation of our partnership. In an era when children are absorbed into digital platforms more than ever, Seylan Bank sees it as our responsibility to encourage the relationship they have with nature and wildlife, and understand that the roots of our existence lie in nature and the sustenance of it.”

“Children are the drivers of change and conservation actions driven by them can play an important role in social development. It is with this understanding that the WNPS initiated ‘Wild Kids’. We are grateful to Seylan Bank and SeylanTikiri for joining us in actioning a range of activities for our children who will be the definite beneficiaries of all our attempts to safeguard our environment and ensure that we leave a beautiful and healthy world for them,” added Spencer Manuelpillai, President, Wildlife and Nature Protection Society.

WNPS is the third oldest nature protection society in the world and continues to work towards conserving nature in all its forms such as the country’s rich wildlife, plant life and all natural habitats, including landscapes and seascapes.