Apr 03, 2021

WNPS Yala Bungalow: Renovated and reopened

WNPS Yala Bungalow: Renovated and reopened

Re-live the magic of Yala at the Society Bungalow at Palatupana, now renovated with wheelchair access.
solar power, ceiling and pedestal fans and refrigeration.

We will strictly adhere to the policy of a maximum of 10 people and the booking process will be the
same of calling the office and making the booking along with your payment. We look forward to your
continued patronage and hope to see a lot more members using the Bungalow facility at the WNPS
Palatupana bungalow.

Our new rates will be as follows:
Up to 6 people - Rs. 10,000/-
From 7 – 10 people - Rs. 15,000/-

Please call 071 664 6664 during office hours, Monday to Saturday